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During 2014 (Vol. 1 - Nos. 1-4), PST following APA citation output format. But, many of our Authors suggested to adopt a much simplified reference style and accordingly in 2015, we have adopted a new citation output format. 

EndNote users can download the Reference style for Plant Science Today

Cite all references in text by last names and year of publication. Grouped text citations should be arranged from the earliest to most recent year, alphabetized by name within the same year. For entries in "References," alphabetize by first author's last name and follow the styles below exactly for capitalization, punctuation, and order of elements. The accuracy in the "References" section is the responsibility of the authors. The Journal will only proofread references for format.

Journal articles: Author, A. B., C. Author, and D. Author. 2014. Title of the paper. Plant Sci Today 2: 1-10. doi:

Book chapter: Author, A. K., C. Author, and P. Author. 2014. Title of the paper in a Book. In: Plant Sci Today. F. Editor, Ed. Publisger Co., City, Country. Pages 1-10.

Book: Author, A. 2014. Title of book. Publisher Co., City, Country. Pages 256.

Theses: Author, P. 2014. Title of thesis. Academic Department, University/Institution Name. City, Country. Pages 264. 

Conference: Author, A. B., and C. Author. 2014. Title of the paper. International Plant Science Conference. London. Plant Science Society. Pages 1-10.

If you are citing an article that only exists as an early online version, including the DOI and PubMed ID (PMID) will allow reviewers to link directly to the article which you should include in the reference as follows:

Author, A. B., C. Author, and D. Author. 2014. Title of the paper. Plant Sci Today. doi: PMID: 16723506

Write out in full all one-word journal titles. Use the standard abbreviations (see here or here for abbreviations of open access journals) of multiple-word journal titles; write out in full the names of journals not listed there. Unpublished data (submitted articles and articles in preparation) and personal communications are not acceptable as literature citations, so they must be referred to parenthetically in the text. Please include initials and last names of all authors. Articles that are "in press" may be so designated in "References." Note: An article may be referred to as "in press" only if it has been accepted for publication; cite the journal in which the article will appear. For personal communications, it is the corresponding author's responsibility to ensure that those cited are aware of the citation and have approved the content of the personal communication.

EndNote users can download the Reference style for Plant Science Today

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EndNote offers 30 day free trial, hence you need not purchase the software to prepare the references. Simply download and use it. After installation, click the above link and install the PST's Reference Stule. Download EndNote (~85Mb). For learning, please see EndNote getting started guide.