Inviting proposals for Special Section in Plant Science Today


Invite proposals for Special Sections in upcoming issues of Plant Science Today (Volume 3 - issues 1 to 4, publishing in 2016, January to December) from academicians and researchers having adequate expertise in their area of specialization.

The main emphasis of a Special Section is on gaining a deeper comprehension of the topic of interest. Any single issue of the journal can have one or more such special sections. The current issue,viz. Vol. 2(4) has a Special Section on Bryophytes* (Guest EditorDr. Afroz Alam and assisted by Dr. Dipjyoti Chakraborty of Banasthali University, Rajasthan, India).

You may propose a Special Section and submit justification for the same in not more than 100 words. If you can't handle the Section by yourself, you may suggest name(s) of Guest Editors to handle the manuscripts received.

Please note:-

A Special Section should contain 6-8 articles and each article is restricted to maximum of 6000-7000 words.

Guest Editors need to undertake to have final copy to the Editors. For this, initially they have to examine the suitability of the submitted paper to be considered under the special section and if found unsuitable, advise the author to submit the same as a standard research paper in Plant Science Today. If the articles are relevant for the Section, they may be send for peer review through journal's online submission processing system or using email.

No more than three articles for a Special Section should come from one institution and preferably authors will come from more than one country.

Please submit your proposal to the Managing Editor at 


*Special Section on Bryophytes

  • Bryology in India - Retrospect and Prospects (Editorial)
  • Bryophytes from the Fiji Islands, VII. Cololejeunea renneri sp. nov. (Lejeuneaceae, Marchantiophyta)
  • Symphyodon erraticus (Symphyodontaceae): an addition to the moss flora of the Western Ghats
  • Archilejeunea minutilobula Udar et U. S. Awasthi (Lejeuneaceae-Marchantiophyta) New to Gangetic plains of India
  • Macromitrium hymenostomum Mont.- A New record for South India
  • Taxonomic studies of Bartramiaceae from district Mansehra (Pakistan)
  • Hornwort diversity at Pachmarhi Biosphere Reserve (Madhya Pradesh), India
  • Plagiochila sisparensis Steph. - a vulnerable liverwort from Nilgiri Hills, Western Ghats
  • Moss flora of Rajasthan and Punjab plains
  • Moss flora of Central India
  • An update on sequenced chloroplast genomes of Bryophytes
  • New Record of the four species of Riccia from Bankura district, West Bengal (India)
  • Nomenclatural updates in Kashyap’s ‘Liverwort flora of western Himalayas and Panjab Plains'
  • Cololejeunea microscopica var. exigua (A. Evans) Pócs: new to Asia
  • Species diversity of genus Riccia in Satara district (Maharashtra) India

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