Chemical Abstracts Service (CAS)


Chemical Abstracts Service, a not-for-profit division of The American Chemical Society, provides a valuable indexing service to researchers worldwide. We provide pointers to the original literature via our databases and products. We review and intellectually index more than 10,000 major scientific journals and patents from 63 patent authorities, providing pointers to the new and novel science disclosed in them.

CAS provides the bibliographic citation for each journal article selected for inclusion in our product (article title, authors, journal name, issue, pagination, publisher, etc.). This gives our customers enough information to obtain the original article or journal subscription from you. As a value-added service, CAS provides Full Text Options linking services to our mutual customers via SciFinder, any STN product, or CAS electronic products.

We are glad to inform that Plant Science Today has been selected for inclusion in the Chemical Abstracts Service (CAS) databases. Indexing will be started soon with the first issue of year 2015.

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