How is Publons harnessing the power of peer review?


Publons rewards you for documenting your review history by providing you with a verified record which you can use in funding and promotion campaigns.

Researchers understand the power and importance of great peer review. Unfortunately, in today's publish or perish world, it becomes harder and harder to find the time to commit to reviewing.

Publons is bringing balance back to the system. We turn peer review into a measurable indicator of a researcher's expertise and contributions to their field.

With Publons, researchers can effortlessly track each review they perform across the world's journals, demonstrating how often top editors rely on their expertise to vet novel research.

When we acknowledge the importance of peer review contributions, there is greater incentive to review and to review better.

With more experts committed to evaluating the world's research through peer review, it becomes easier for editors to get review done. This speeds up the peer review process and help us to communicate breakthrough research to the world faster.

Raising the status of reviewing is just the first step.

Have you reviwed an article for Plant Science Today? Check your Publons status