Results of First Mini Review Contest


Prizes worth US4500 will be given to the winners of First Mini Review Contest. There is one first prize, four each second and third, and seven consolation prizes. See details below:

RankArticle TitleCitationsURL1Functional properties of Okra Abelmoschus esculentus L. (Moench): traditional claims and scientific evidences10Link2Grapevine rootstock effects on abiotic stress tolerance10Link2Electrospun plant-derived natural biomaterials for Tissue engineering9Link2Biosynthesis of the Amaryllidaceae alkaloids7Link2Impact of Pyraclostrobin (F-500) on Crop Plants7Link3Distribution of betulinic acid in plant kingdom4Link3Effect of Exclusion of Solar UV radiation on Plants3Link3Smart-use of fertilizers to manage spider mites (Acari: Tetrachynidae) and other arthropod pests3Link3Anti-acne activity of Garcinia mangostana L.: A review2Link4Antitumor properties and toxicity effects of Peganum harmala L. (Zygophyllaceae)0Link4Carboxymethyl starch as a polymeric plant based excipient in drug delivery0Link4Conservation relevance of terrestrial herbaceous vegetation studies0Link4DNA polymerase λ - a novel DNA repair enzyme in higher plant genome0Link4Germplasm and conservation of rare and endangered tree species endemic to east China0Link4Plant polyphenolic extracts as potential anti-human hepatocarcinoma agents0Link4Taxonomy of the Truffles0Link

The winners were selected primarily based on the number of citations. Number of reads in ResearchGate and Facebook were also considered.

The corresponding author of the articles who won the various prizes may contact the PST office for more details.