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Press Releases

Sl. No.MediaIssue DateDetails
1PRLog.org12 Nov 2013Launching of new Open Access journal, Plant Science Today (PST)
2PR-inside.com13 Nov 2013Launching of new Open Access journal, Plant Science Today (PST)
31888PressRelease.com13 Nov 2013Plant Science Today (PST): Special section on Genetic Diversity
4nanotech-now.com13 Nov 2013New journal invites manuscripts in Nanotechnology
5pressbox.co.uk16 Nov 2013Plant Science Today (PST) could attract more submissions
6pr.com17 Nov 2013Plant Science Today (PST): For Rapid Distribution of Information to the Readers
7i-newswire.com18 Nov 2013Plant Science Today (PST), a New Open Access Journal with Traditional Review Process
8prlog.org18 Feb 2014Plant Science Today has commenced its groundbreaking journey
9pr-inside.com19 Feb 2014Whether plants can really influence our thoughts?
10i-newswire.com2 Mar 2014New Mutants of Sesame Produced
11pressbox.co.uk3 Mar 2014New findings on how plants combat with abiotic stress factors
12pr.com4 Mar 2014New Cis-Ocimenone Chemotype of Green Mint Discovered from Western Ghats, India
13prlog.org8 Aug 2015Plant Science Today journal is Beta Tester for Agro-Know's micro-site
14prlog.org19 Feb 2016Special Section on 'Cytology and Cytogenetics in Higher Plants' - Invitation


Announcements posted in other sites

Sl. No.MediaIssue DateDetails
1JamesTimothyWhite.com13 Nov 2013Plant Science Today (PST): Special Section On Genetic Diversity
2Harvard.edu14 Nov 2013Feed Item: Plant Science Today
3TheScienceJobs.com17 Nov 2013Plant Science Today (PST) to maintain higher standard of content