DOI number and membership to CrossRef for PST


Horizon E-Publishing Group is now a member of CrossRef who issues DOI number for research papers. 

DOI prefix for PST is: 10.14719

Benefits of CrossRef Membership

There are important benefits of joining CrossRef and these include:

- CrossRef DOI links are stable, persistent links that preserve the scholarly citation record.

- Thousands of other publishers and organizations will automatically link to your content, increasing your traffic.

- Your content will be more useful to readers when they can easily link from your references to other relevant articles.


CrossRef is the citation-linking backbone for online publications. Established in 2000 by scholarly publishers as an independent, non-profit entity, it enables researchers to navigate electronic journals, across publishers, based on open-standards technology (the Digital Object Identifier, or DOI, system).

Citations represent the evolution of ideas, as one author builds on or challenges the research of another. CrossRef allows the user to move from one article to another at the citation level, regardless of journal or publisher. Without full-text citation linking, the user who discovers a desired resource while reading usually has to switch to a different search interface to locate and ultimately access that resource. With CrossRef, it only takes a click or two to get to the full text, either as an authenticated user or through pay-per-view services.

The costs of the CrossRef system are borne by publishers - hence free to the end-user - because publishers recognize the necessity of adding links from references to full text. When you see a reference hyperlink identified as "CrossRef", "article", or "full text" (CrossRef does not insist on branding its links), you'll know it was built using the CrossRef system.

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