Vasculature pattern of the petals of the species Kallstroemia pubescens, which indicates the evolutionary status of this taxa

  • Bidyut Kumar Jana University of Kalyani
  • Sobhan Kumar Mukherjee University of Kalyani


This paper deals with the details variation of petal venation in Kallstroemia pubescens of the family Zygophyllaceae. In the present study, from a pool of 100 petals, 40 petals were selected randomly to observe the variation of venation patterns of petals in different flowers of same species collected from different population of the same ecological area. All the 40 petals examined, as per Foster’s classification, shows various type of anastomoses. Detailed study reveals that after the entry of a single vain in a petal, it divided into two costals and one median. Actually anastomosis takes place between the sister’s branches of the costal or between a branch of the costal and a branch of the medion. Present observation on the anastomosis of the petal venation of the K. pubescens is clearly fits with the study of Foster (1968). At the basal region of petal, Type-I(35.2%) and Type-II(35.2%) are more prevalent, than Type-III (5.8%), Type-VI (5.8%) and Type-V (17.5%).At the middle region of petal, Type-II (47.56%) is more prevalent than Type-I (17.07%), Type-V (13.41%), Type-III (13.41%), Type-IV (4.8%) and Type-VI (3.65%). At the distal region, Type-II (44.7%) is more prevalent than Type-III (33.33%), Type-I (10.41%), Type-V (8.33 %), Type-VI (2.08 %) and Type-IV (1.04 %).


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Petal venation; Kallstroemia pubescens; Zygophyllaceae