Ethnobotanical plants of Veligonda Hills, Southern Eastern Ghats, Andhra Pradesh, India

S K M Bhasha, P Siva Kumar Reddy


The Veligonda range which separates the Nellore district from Kadapa and Kurnool is the back bone of the Eastern Ghats, starting from Nagari promontory in Chittoor district. It runs in a northerly direction along the western boarders of the Nellore district, raising elevation of 3,626 feet at Penchalakona in Rapur thaluk. Veligonda hill ranges have high alttudinal and deep valley. These hills have rich biodiversity and many rare, endangered, endemic and threatned plants are habituated in these hills. The present paper mainly deals with the ethanobotanical plants used by local people.


Ethnobotany; Threatened; Endangered; Endemic; Veligonda hill range

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