Checklist of Mosses (Bryophyta) of Bodamalai Hills in Eastern Ghats, Tamil Nadu

R Palani, S Sahaya Sathish, T Thamizharasi, P Vijayakanth


Bodamalai Hills, situated on the Southern Eastern Ghats of Tamil Nadu, were explored for mosses (bryophyta) for the first time. As a result a checklist of mosses has been prepared comprising 52 species belonging to 38 genera and 21 families. The dominant families with the maximum number of species are Pottiaceae, Bryaceae, Stereophyllaceae, Sematophyllaceae and Brachytheciaceae. The dominant genera are Brachymenium and Bryum and the dominant species are Barbula javanica and Bryum capillare.


Bodamalai Hills; Eastern Ghats; mosses; Tamil Nadu

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