Mini Review Contest


Plant Science Today (ISSN: 2348-1900; DOI: 10.14719/PST) published by Horizon e-Publishing Group is conducting a contest for researchers - of all age groups - from all countries.

Write a Mini Review and Get up to $1000 worth publishing credit!

Mini Reviews are short review articles describing research carried out in a specific area. It may be 3 to 5 pages long including references.

To submit a mini review, register to this journal web site and submit the article using the 'New Submission' link visible after log in to the journal site. To register, visit

Prize details
  • For the best review article judged by a panel of experts, we will award $1000 worth publishing credits in our journal, Plant Science Today. At the existing publication fee of $100, the winner can publish 10 papers free of charge.
  • Besides, 10 consolation prizes will be given away, each worth $100.
Submission and Review process
  • First, submit the mini review article similar to any other submission through our manuscript submission system.
  • The submission will be sent for review to at least 3 reviewers. 
  • During evaluation of the paper, reviewers will be asked to submit their recommendation on whether the paper can be accepted or not which is similar to the evaluation of any research paper. If the paper is recommended to accept, it will be published in the journal.
Subject area
  • Research findings that involve plants or plant products can be submitted to the journal. 
Selection of Best paper(s) 
  1. Manuscripts submitted on or before the due date (ie. 15 May 2014) will get 10 points.
  2. Popularity of your paper in Social media (i) FaceBook - for each Like and Share, you will get 5 points - as one can see at (ii) Google+ - for each +1 and Share, you will get 5 points as one can see from - Each of the authors and co-authors can share the artcile from the above pages to their social sites or ask others to do so. 
  3. If you and your co-authors have linked your published paper to your Google Scholar or ResearchGate profile page, you will get 10 points (for each of the authors - you need to send links from within your G-Scholar or RG pages). 
  4. If you have citations of your paper as seen from Google Scholar or ResearchGate, you will get 100 points per citation.
Important dates
  • The last date of submission is 15 May 2014.
  • Evaluation starts on 5 January 2015 and end on 30 Nov 2015
  • Prizes will be announced in Dec 2015.
Terms & Conditions
  • Only those mini review papers that are recommended by the peer reviewers will be published in the journal.
  • In the case of multi-authored papers, the author who submit the paper should mention how to distribute the price value among the co-authors.
  • One could submit the mini review in more than one topic which would enhance the chance of winning the prize. However, only one prize will be given to an author.
  • The Publisher reserves the right to make suitable change in the above selection criteria in order to make the right decision.