Correlation and path coefficient analysis between yield and yield components in potato (Solanum tuberosum L.)

  • Abraham Lamboro Woldia University
  • Yohannes Petros Haramaya University
  • Mebeaselassie Andargie Haramaya University


The associations of yield and its components offer important information in breeding plants. A study was conducted at the Araka Agricultural Research Center, Hossana, Ethiopia during 2012 growing season under rain fed condition on 18 potato genotypes/varieties to determine the association of yield and its components. The association was analyzed by correlation coefficient, and further subjected by path coefficient analysis to estimate direct and indirect effects of each character on tuber yield. Positive and significant correlation were found between tuber yield and biological yield, plant height and tuber yield, stems per plant and tuber per plant. The genotypic correlation coefficients were higher than the corresponding phenotypic correlation coefficients for most of the characters indicating the inherent association among the characters. Path analysis of tuber yield and its components shows that stems per plant, biological yield and harvest index exerted positive highest direct influence on tuber yield indicating their importance as selection index for yield improvement.


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Author Biographies

Abraham Lamboro, Woldia University

Lecturer at Faculty of Natural and Computational Sciences, Department of biology.

Yohannes Petros, Haramaya University

Assistant Professor at Department of Biology.

Mebeaselassie Andargie, Haramaya University

Assistant Professor at Department of Biology.


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correlation coefficient; path analysis; potato; Solanum tuberosum; yield component